About Us

For more than 20 years Rob Purfield has built a career providing advice on the psychology of leadership, corporate performance and personal growth.

As a genuine expert in NLP, Robert studied for 3 years with NLP Co-creator John Grinder, qualified in both hypnotism and hypnotherapy; Robert’s grasp of popular psychology and its impact on personal and corporate achievement makes him stand out as a formidable agent of change in any environment.

In 2008 Robert qualified as a Firewalk Instructor, adding firewalking seminars to his armoury. He says, “Firewalking is a powerful metaphor for self-belief! If you can do that – you can do anything! In these challenging economic times many are finding it tough out there. Completing a firewalk is an exciting experience that lifts your spirits and opens your mind to the endless possibilities for achievement in your life – both professional and personal.”

Bringing all this together with his finance background, business acumen, and unique presentation style, makes Robert a truly inspirational speaker, trainer, coach and business consultant.

About Insights Discovery

Rob’s lead product is a Psychometric Personality Profiling Tool called Insights, from Insights Learning & Development who are leaders in the field of people and organisational development.  Working in partnership with some of the world’s most successful companies, Insights © have developed a wide range of unique and innovative learning solutions that act as a catalyst for realising transformation at individual, team and organisation level.

At the heart of our work is the Insights Discovery System, a model based on the pioneering personality profiling work of Carl Jung.  Using colour as a common language for self-understanding, effective interaction and organisational growth, the Discovery System represents the unique thread running through our entire portfolio.

Insights’ learning and development solutions provide real life benefit to the way our clients operate and communicate – a competitive advantage that is manifest through increased productivity, reduced cost and improved customer services.

The Insights Discovery Personal Profile sits at the heart of our work.

The inspirational Discovery System celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and illustrates the exceptional ways in which recognising and valuing these differences can empower people, teams and entire organisations.

We believe that the Discovery Profile is the most accurate and dynamic personal profile in the world, and the best possible tool for assisting individuals in their search for understanding – both in terms of their personal style and in terms of managing their relationships with others, at work and at home.


  • Everyone is unique and so is their Discovery Profile.
  • Simple, memorable colour system.
  • Positive, supportive language promotes an “I’m ok, you’re ok” perspective.
  • Detailed and continually validated for accuracy.
  • Assists individuals in gaining an understanding of their style and how this impacts on others.
  • Enables people to develop their inter-personal skills, improving team performance and creating a more positive, productive cultural environment.
  • Being easy to understand and recall makes long-term application and change far more likely.

Each profile includes a Foundation Chapter comprising key pages such as: Personal Overview, Strengths and Weaknesses, Value to the Team, Communication, Possible Blind Spots, Opposite Type and Suggestions for Development.


The Discovery System encompasses a simple model:

  • Understand me
  • Understand you
  • Adapt and connect

But how do we start to understand who we really are, or start to understand the personality of another?

For centuries, philosophers have identified four broad types of personality. The psychologist Dr Carl G Jung further developed this idea in the 20th Century. He suggested that all four personality traits or energies are present in all of us, and the different balances between them make us unique. The Insights Discovery Personal Profile is a highly accurate and validated system for measuring those balances.

The full range of psychological types can be depicted on a circle called the Insights Discovery Wheel. At its simplest it identifies four groups or quadrants. Insights call these quadrants: Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue. All of us will have one of these ‘colour energies’ as our dominant, preferred style of thinking, working and interacting with others.

Each colour energy has its strengths and weaknesses, depending on the situation and your perspective! In a team setting, a professional with Fiery Red energy may appreciate the considerate and supportive approach of a colleague with Earth Green energy, while they in turn might respect the bold, ‘go-ahead’ Fiery Red attitude. However, during a challenging period, the Earth Green energy may find their colleague aggressive and controlling, while in turn, the Fiery Red energy may find the Earth Green uncommunicative and unwilling to change.

If we understand how we and others are likely to respond in a given situation, we can communicate with them in a way that allows everyone’s best qualities to be celebrated and valued, ease any tension and reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings.