The Director – My Personal thoughts

What I like about being a Director

  • I am independent, courageous, straightforward and self-reliant.
  • I am able to take charge and meet challenges head on.
  • I support, empower and protect those close to me.

What I don’t like about being a Director

  • I sometimes overwhelm people with my bluntness and frighten them off when I don’t mean to.
  • I am restless and impatient with others’ incompetence and get angry when people don’t do things my way.
  • I find it difficult to really listen to others’ views.

Things I would never do

  • Fail to state my opinion when I strongly disagree with what is said.
  • Step down as managing director of a company because I think someone else can do it better.
  • Play a tennis match without playing to win.
  • Say to someone “Let’s do it your way.”

How to relate with me

  • Stand up for yourself.  Be confident, strong and direct.
  • Don’t gossip about me or betray my trust.
  • Remember that I have a vulnerable side.
  • Don’t mistake my assertive manner for a personal attack.
  • Accept that my appearing to lose my temper is part of me.

Things people say about me

  • “I can be honest and say what is on my mind when I’m with her.  If I’m not completely frank she feels I’ve let her down.”
  • “She is so direct.  She says things that nobody else has the courage to say, and encourages other to speak their mind.”
  • “She is a very practical manager.  She is good at delegating and always forthright.  She’s a very effective boss.  Everyone knows where they stand with her.”

Things I should affirm to myself

  • It’s OK to show my vulnerable side to those I trust.
  • Good relationships are worth making compromises for.
  • I must first consider an alternative solution.