Personal Thoughts

What I like about being an Observer

  • I can stand back and view life objectively and remain calm in a crisis.
  • I am not overly concerned with money or status.
  • I have a sense of integrity, and do what I think is right without being influenced by what others think.

What I don’t like about being an Observer

  • I sometimes act defensively or cynically,
  • I feel under pressure when I’m with people I don’t want to be with.
  • I see less intelligent people becoming successful due to their social skills.
  • I seem unable to express myself clearly at times.

Things I would never do

  • Throw a surprise party or sell double glazing.
  • Volunteer to be master of ceremonies at a high school reunion.
  • Only read the society pages of a newspaper.

How to relate with me

  • Give me time alone to analyse my thoughts and feelings.
  • Speak in a straightforward way.
  • Remember that I may appear aloof and distant because I don’t like being rushed.
  • Don’t be gushing – I may doubt your sincerity.
  • If I appear irritated, it is with myself, for not expressing myself adequately.
  • Realise that I dislike social gatherings, loud people and having my privacy invaded.

Things people say about me

  • “He’s a loner.  He’s quite content to spend hours on his own absorbed in intellectual pursuits.”
  • “He has a calm, quiet manner.  He seems to see things differently from the rest of us.”
  • He is knowledgeable about almost every subject.

Things I should affirm to myself

  • Social interaction is necessary for personal growth.
  • I will get rid of my preconceptions about people.
  • I don’t have to always be trying to out-think others.