The Supporter – Earth Green

Supporters are affable, amiable, steady individuals who get on well with others.  With their moderate, controlled stance they are considerate, patient and always willing to go along with and help those they consider friends.  They build a close relationship with a small group of associates in the work environment.  Their efforts are directed towards retaining the familiar and predictable.  Supporters are most effective in specialised areas of endeavour and plan their work for a remarkable consistency of performance.  They look for constant appreciation from others and are slow to adapt to change.  Prior conditioning may be necessary to change their procedure and still maintain a consistent level of performance.

Supporters may also require help in developing short-cut methods to meet deadlines.  Projects are often put aside before they are completed.  Supporters will go the “extra mile” to help someone they consider as a friend.  They may require assistance in eliminating the ‘old’ and embracing the ‘new’.  Supporters may become stubborn and defiant if challenged when under pressure and this may frustrate some colleagues.  The Supporter is Jung’s Introverted (or Sensory) Feeling type.

  • Inner Drive:  Moderation and accommodation.
  • Goal:  Controlled environment; minimum change.
  • Judges others by:  Friendship, relating abilities.
  • Influences other by:  Consistency and amiability.
  • Value to the organisation:  Predictable, maintains steady pace, loyal.
  • Over uses:  Low risk-taking; Passive resistance to change.
  • Under moderate pressure becomes:  Quasi adaptable to authority and peers
  • Fears:  Change, disorganisation, redundancy.
  • Would be more effective with more:  Sharing ideas; self-confidence based on affirming feedback