The Director – Fiery Red

Directors are forceful, demanding, decisive and autocratic persons who tend to be strong individualists.  They are forward-looking, progressive and compete to attain goals.  Headstrong, they often have a wide range of interests.  When solving problems they are logical and incisive.  Directors will often come up with the imaginative and unusual.  They may sometimes encounter difficulties with people as they can be seen as intimidating.  They can be highly critical and fault finding when their standards are not met and may appear to lack empathy.  Directors may over-step prerogatives and may be impatient and dissatisfied with routine work.

Directors want freedom from controls, supervision and details.  They prefer an ever-changing environment and enjoy the unusual and adventurous and want to find the answers for themselves.  They want authority and ‘important’ assignments and will exert tremendous energy to make things happen.  They constantly need new and stimulating assignments that will challenge and extend them.  Others may see Directors as selfish and overbearing.  The Director is Jung’s Extraverted (or Intuitive Speculative) Thinking type.

  • Inner Drive:  Organise the external word and compete.
  • Goal:  Dominance, independence and change.
  • Judges others by:  Their ability to get the task done.
  • Influences other by:  Force of character, persistence and drive.
  • Value to the organisation:  Show ‘em attitude; imagination, thrusting.
  • Over uses:  Impatience, individualism, power.
  • Under moderate pressure becomes:  Belligerent, over-logical, aggressive, defiant.
  • Fears:  Loss of control.  Being seen as too lighthearted.
  • Would be more effective with more:  Patience, people concern, humility and accepting that in reality he or she will make as many wrong judgements as the next Type.