The Coordinator – Green/Blue

Coordinators tend to be dependent and objective, usually possessing a strong value system.  A careful, cautious conventional person who is diplomatic and sincere.  They tend to be very loyal, precise and disciplined with high standards and expectations of self.  Decisions are difficult to make until facts and details are available.  Many see Coordinators as critical and ideological thinkers who may be quiet and reserved around strangers.  Coordinators do not always say what they think or feel, and want to be needed in a secure environment.  They can work well with their hands and can do repetitive work but may need specific instructions before starting a job.

Coordinators do not like stress or chaos and tend to be rather private, surrounding themselves with a few similar people.  They strive for system and order with a need to know why!  They require support and reassurance and tend not to be outgoing.  Coordinators take time to trust and will not generally impose their thinking on others.  Their patience and steady follow-though allows them to perform routine tasks particularly well, and they are systematic and precise.  However, if they feel that they are being taken advantage of Coordinators may respond in an otherwise uncharacteristic manner.  The Coordinator is Jung’s Introverted Sensing type.

  • Inner Drive:  Tends to avoid and reject interpersonal aggression.
  • Goal:  Correctness and orderliness.
  • Judges others by:  Cognitive and sensing abilities.
  • Influences other by:  Factual data, logical arguments, systematic methodology.
  • Value to the organisation:  Defines, clarifies, gets information, criticises and tests.
  • Over uses:  Analysis and order.
  • Under moderate pressure becomes:  Worrisome, detail seeking, anxious.
  • Fears:  Impulsive decisions, irrational acts.
  • Would be more effective with more:  Confidence, job clarification, sincere appreciation, a non-stress environment, a systematic manager.