The Helper – Yellow/Green

Helpers are warm, understanding and sociable individuals who strive for positive relationships with people both at work and at home.  They are ambitious for others and work through people to get the job done.  They are sensitive to others and work well in a team situation.  However, they may take criticism personally and find it difficult to become authoritative over others when necessary.

They may find it difficult to make decision without consultation.  Because people are more important to Helpers than the accomplishment of tasks ‘the end may not justify the means’, in their opinion.

Ideal counsellors, their nature tends to be steady, which may cause others to see them as lacking in pro-activity.  Helpers however will always encourage others and may in fact take on too much on their behalf.  They tend not to like stress and fast moving situations which change without warning.  They prefer secure environments where they can organise their work load at their own pace.  Helpers have poise in most social situations.  People come to them as they can both listen and suggest solutions and they are positively accepted by a wide range of acquaintances.  The Helper is Jung’s Feeling type.

  • Inner Drive:  Understanding others and empathy.
  • Goal:  Intimacy, low-pressure, and service.
  • Judges others by:  Loyalty, personality.
  • Influences other by:  Offering services, counsel.
  • Value to the organisation:  Dependable, sincere, loyal.
  • Over uses:  Tolerance, personal relating.
  • Under moderate pressure becomes:  Soft, grudgeholder, ‘Poor me’.
  • Fears:  Conflict, high pressure.

Would be more effective with more:  Objective comment, refusing involvement, concentrated task orientation.