The Supporter – My Personal thoughts

What I like about being a Supporter

  • I am non-critical, accepting and easygoing.
  • I know how to relax with people and relationships.
  • I can see many different sides of an issue and make a good mediator.
  • I can get along with most people and feel in harmony with the world.

What I don’t like about being a Supporter

  • I dislike myself for lacking drive and initiative.
  • I am rather placid and unsure about what I really want.
  • I am concerned about what others think of me, sensitive to criticism and take everything personally.

Things I would never do

  • Deliberately start an argument at a family reunion.
  • Tell each of my colleagues that I am angry with them and why.
  • Turn away a friend who has a problem.
  • Overwhelm someone with rude aggression.

How to relate with me

  • Approach me gently.  I don’t like surprises.
  • Don’t take advantage of my good nature.
  • Let me finish what I have to say, even if it doesn’t make sense to you.
  • Give me time to complete projects and make my own decisions.  Give me a gentle push.
  • Demonstrate your affection by giving me a hug.  Show me you like what I say or do.

Things people say about me

  • “He always makes me feel at ease.  He accepts me for what I am.”
  • “I never feel that he is judging me; he’s very patient and perceptive.”
  • “He shares my interest in protecting the environment, achieving world peace, contributing to new scientific developments and the study of human nature.”

Things I should affirm to myself

  • I will ask for what I want.
  • I will live for myself rather than for others.
  • I will set meaningful goals for my life.