The Helper – My Personal thoughts

What I like about being a Helper

  • I’m a ‘people’ person and good for others.
  • I instinctively know what people need and can help to make their lives better.
  • I am generous, warm and caring, and sensitive to others’ feelings.

What I don’t like about being a Helper

  • I have difficulty saying ‘no’ and neglect my own interests.
  • I criticise myself for not being as loving as I could be.
  • I get upset when people don’t reciprocate my help.
  • I work so hard to please that I suppress my true feelings.

Things I would never do

  • Stop smiling for a month.
  • Leave a stray kitten to fend for itself.
  • Fail to pay friends back after they had done me a favour.
  • Fail to sympathise with a dejected colleague.

How to relate with me

  • Show that you appreciate me and listen to my problems.
  • Share in life’s little pleasures with me.
  • Let me know that I am important to you.
  • If you criticise me, do it gently.
  • Look me in the eyes as you talk to me.

Things people say about me

  • “She is loved by many because she’s so generous.  When her friend was ill, she devoted time to helping the family while still managing to go to work full time.”
  • “My Helper friend is great fun.  She is witty and playful but can be quite clever and perceptive.”
  • She is a wonderful wife and mother.  She gives her family all the attention, generosity and love they need.”

Things I should affirm to myself

  • My needs are as important as everyone else’s.
  • I will stand up for what I want.
  • I do not have to give love in order to benefit from love.