The Motivator – Red/Yellow

Motivators have the ability to equally value results and people.  They are natural participative persons who work with and through people.  Motivators dislike detailed work but do it to achieve a specific objective.  Both contacts and the respect of people are important to Motivators.  They are good decision makers who consider others in making unpopular decisions.  They enjoy public recognition and work assignments which they believe makes them look good.  However, they may be too optimistic about what they and other people can produce.

Motivators are socially assertive and typically good communicators, and can lead and motivate others.  They may be difficult to manage.  Motivators are not natural administrators.  Some people may see them as dynamic personalities with a great deal of enthusiasm while others see them as indiscreet and often hasty individuals.  Motivators need a variety of activities and the opportunity of working in a people environment.  They like work requiring mobility and the chance to travel.  Challenge and opportunities are key to their success.  They may become ‘workaholics’ if not aware of their limits.  The Motivator is Jung’s Extraverted Intuitive type.

  • Inner Drive:  To express an enthusiastic and charismatic presence.
  • Goal:  Position and big picture.
  • Judges others by:  Prejudged standards of success.
  • Influences other by:  Optimism over projects; recognition and status.
  • Value to the organisation:  Influences and inspires others to achieve objectives.
  • Over uses:  Assertiveness and the ‘big picture’.
  • Under moderate pressure becomes:  Bored easily, impatient and aggressive.
  • Fears:  Lack of responsibility and failure.
  • Would be more effective with more:  Control and direction; understanding of procedures; slowing the pace down, written analysis.